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porcupine colors

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Μια τάφρος γύρω απ’τη δουλειά σου

Πώς να πετύχεις στη δουλειά σου; Ο Steve Pavlina ξέρει:

If you stick to your chosen field long enough, it gets harder to fail with each passing year. More people will be aware of your existence than when you first started. You’ll have a bigger toolbox of strategies. You’ll have more clients and customers. Your skills will increase. You’ll have more chances for fortunate opportunities to land on your plate. And you’ll be competing against people with increasingly less experience than you have, relatively speaking.

Ναι, παίρνει χρόνο και θέλει επιμονή. Η στρατηγική είναι να μην είσαι τσιγκούνης, να μοιράζεσαι πράγματα:

My favorite moat-building strategy is to create and give away lots of value for free. I’ve been doing that for years by writing and publishing free articles, and I do a lot of speaking for free as well. If you add up all the time I’ve spend creating and giving away content for free, you might find it ludicrous — it would add up to many years of my life. And I was already using this approach for many years before I started blogging. The key is not to be stingy with your freebies. Give away your best ideas for free. Then challenge yourself to top them.

Εξαιρετικό άρθρο.

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